I never intended to offer this many downloadables when I started Because the Dead. Originally, I didn't intend to offer anything to download at all. However, I just keep running across fun shareware or free trials for making downloadable stuff. My most recent acquisition--a program for making desktop icons for Windows.

I won't be making extras for every film. Not every film has a scene worth recording; not every film is visually stunning enough for people to want to put it on their desktops. But some films, like Casshern, are just begging to be made into decorations.

I currently have the new Naito wallpaper on my desktop. To jog your memory, there is a scene in Casshern when Kamijo Jr. kills a man during an important meeting. Naito, who is present at the meeting, tries to compose himself but can't stop cracking up. That, in turn, makes me crack up.

All this screencaping Casshern has me bawling when I go to bed every evening. The ending is just so sad!

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