“Because the dead, it’s a shine all night long.”
~ Genesis, Jisatsu Circle

Some pages at Because the Dead contain images that could be considered frightening or graphic. Thus, the entirety of Because the Dead may not be work-safe or suitable for children.
Whether they’re in a horror film or an action film; whether they’re cut down nobly in battle or gnawed at by zombies; let’s face it–-they’re still dead. That’s why we love them.

My fascination with Asian horror, martial arts, and extreme movies began–-and continues-–with a quest to find the scary movie that will actually scare me. As I went along, I found that the line between action and horror blurs so much that I was soon sucked into both. There are some fantastic film review sites out there, but I was still inspired to make my own.


20 Sept. 2010: Slightly more information in the analysis of Samara's last thoughtograph.
15 May 2010: Analysis of Eun-Suh's nensha photographs is up; finished screencaping Samara's video for the same page. Sun Faa Sau Si wallpapers in Extras.
14 May 2010: New in Extras--icons for Windows.
12 May 2010: Lots of new things up in Extras. Screenshot gallery for Casshern now up.