So. I'm a moron. - Because the Dead
I've been working on the analysis of Samara's curse tape today. Why Samara before Sadako? That DVD was closer.

I popped the DVD into my computer to let it load while I ran off to get a cup of tea. Came back. FORGOT that the DVD menu of The Ring is not static--Samara's chair is occasionally replaced by a flash from the curse video.

Came back, took my sweet time setting my tea down and getting my windows organized. Brought the DVD up to see the curse face leering at me. (You know, the one from the video with the big teeth and the intestine/whatever coming out of its mouth?) Shocked the crap out of me. I mean, I've been feeling physically ill the rest of the day.

Now, The Ring does not scare me. I can watch Katie's face warp in slow motion, then go to sleep without a problem. But that doesn't mean I like to.

My main problem with The Ring (in comparison with Ringu) is its reliance on warped faces--namely, Katie's face, Noah's face, and the curse face--in lieu of a strong plot. I find all three disgusting and I don't get a thrill out of looking at them, the curse face especially so. (Whereas I have made Samara's face my desktop background at times because the special effects team did a good job on her.)

So...yeah. Tylenol time.

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